Reinforcing steel for industrial projects

Our expertise in the industrial sector

The numerous achievements of Pro Armature in the industrial sector have helped to build our reputation. This component represents one of our greatest strengths, both because of the growing experience of our team and our in-depth knowledge of the standards to be met. Knowing this field in depth, we work among other things in the reinforcement of concrete foundations for industrial buildings, such as factories and warehouses. Let us support you in attaching, laying and installing the reinforcing steel and mesh used in your constructions, regardless of their dimensions!

How can we help you?

Thanks to its vast expertise and versatility, our team is able to work on industrial construction sites of all kinds :

  • Warehouse
  • Factory
  • Sawmill
  • Foundry
  • Cement plant
  • Industrial building
  • Etc.

From design to installation

We can manufacture the reinforcement you need for your industrial buildings. We also take care of the delivery service for the steel products you will need to solidify your concrete foundations and constructions. You will have everything you need to start your work on the site.

For even greater efficiency, the Pro Armature team also installs the reinforcements and trellises, in accordance with the standards and requirements of industrial construction. We are also committed to carrying out work on the site on time and offering quality results that will satisfy our customers. Let us collaborate on the success of your project!

Why do business with Pro Armature?

Pro Armature has the ideal solution for new and growing industries : that of a turnkey service for the supply and installation of reinforcing steel, wire mesh and metal joints. Whether it’s to build your factory or redevelop your warehouse, our employees know how to work as a team on construction sites and provide quality work to meet all your requirements, regardless of the scope of the work.