Civil engineeering

Civil engineering projects

Whether your civil engineering project is located in Québec, in New Brunswick or in Ontario, our team of experts will visit you on site and take care of all your reinforcing steel needs – from manufacturing to installation!

All of our employees will get the work done in accordance with all of your standards and requirements, from the initial preparation to the final inspection, so that you can have peace of mind throughout the whole process.   

Types of civil engineering works

We mainly manufacture culverts as well as tanks on behalf of different municipalities or as subcontractors.

Our team can also join your project in a timely manner and according to your needs.

Our team also includes a land surveyor who offers a survey verification service, with the help of robots and technological systems, for accurate measurements and flawless results.

From design to installation

Pro Armature manufactures the main pieces of reinforcing steel needed to make a strong and durable concrete foundation.

We also ensure the installation and placement of steel reinforcements, rods, bars, trellises and cables to reinforce all types of concrete structures (columns, slabs, beams, etc.)

We will be pleased to advise you on our different turnkey services!

Why choose Pro Armature for your project?

Our state-of-the-art equipment and our civil engineering expertise allow us to guarantee the excellence of the work carried out within deadlines and budgets!

Our experts will take your project into their own hands from the early beginning, which will save you a lot of inconvenience for the remaining operations.

We are committed to meeting your requirements and needs; our employees will execute their tasks with diligence and rigor throughout all the stages of your project.